Sunday, January 22, 2012

SO SO SO happy about today's run!

Today was a new milestone for me.  Well, every weekend is a new milestone run for me, since I am new at this whole running gig.  This afternoon ace running bud Robin and I braved the cold mist and got in our scheduled 8.5 mile run.  The group run got canceled yesterday morning because the roads weren't fit to be on, either in the car or out of it, so we planned it for this afternoon when it was supposed to be clear.  Oops.  It wasn't.  We didn't care.  The miles went by seemingly effortlessly for us, but when I looked at our average pace, I see why they were effortless!  Oh well, these long, slow runs are supposed to be the slowest of the week so that we can build up endurance, right?  I'm still working on bringing up my speed on the shorter mid-week runs (please don't choke, fast runners, but some of us struggle to get in under 11:00/mile; the mere fact that we can run at all is nothing short of miraculous).  Anyway, I cannot imagine how it would have gone without someone with whom to shoot the breeze. 

The cool thing is that my muscles, sore from a tougher-than-imagined "yoga for weight loss" DVD, warmed up quickly and did not complain until I stopped running (funny how that works!).  Also, the bruise on the top of my foot did not hurt at all.  Bruise, you ask?  From what?  OK, in addition to being the slowest person in the Western Hemisphere, I am also the clumsiest.  I dropped a FROZEN CHICKEN on my foot.  Yep, frozen solid clucker, right on top of my left foot.  I was--once again--trying to do two things at once and it was either drop the chicken or the carton of milk.  I opted for the chicken, mainly because with three kids I clean up (and cry over) enough spilled milk, thank you very much.  Makes for a better story, too, don't you think?

So if you are lurking out there and would care to comment, I'd LOVE to hear about any other completely bizarre injuries. 

Happy running!


  1. Running buddies rock!!! & way to go with your new long run mileage. Keep going, girl!!!

    I'm constantly hurting myself by doing weird things - most recently, somehow, I don't know how exactly, I pinched the palm of my hand picking up wood to put into the woodstove and I have a huge blood blister right now.

    1. Ewww--so sorry, Jen--I HATE blood blisters! Glad I'm not the only "less than graceful" girl out there!