Friday, January 20, 2012

Pondering the elements ...

Much to my daughters' delight, it is snowing out there, and since snow doesn't usually make that "pinging" sound on the driveway, there clearly is some sleet mixed in.  The C10TP (10-miler training program) meets at 8 A.M. tomorrow for our weekly long run (8.5 mi tomorrow--woo hoo!).  However, running bud Robin and I have already discussed this, and while we are adamant about getting in our long run, we are also studiously avoiding injuries to the extent possible.  Therefore, we have decided to delay our run a bit, which will mean coming up with our own route (in reality, just adding one more lap around the track on top of last week's route would put us over that number).  The bigger bummer is that we'll miss out on the camaraderie of the others in our slow-but-steady pack, but I'll forego that this week if it means running on just plain old wet pavement instead of that icy stuff I fear will greet us in the morning.

Interesting note:  I was reading Run Like a Mother, the first book I actually PAID FOR for my Kindle, and dear hubby said, "Are you reading about running AGAIN?!?"  Yes, dear.  That's kind of all that's on my mind right now.  Cool!  (LOVE this book, by the way, even though the authors would surely rather die than run at my pace!)


  1. It's better to be safe than sorry. Way to be smart about it! :) Run Like A Mother is a great book! I just finished it.

  2. I love reading a book where I feel like I am sitting in the same room as the author (or in this case, authors), and that is so true with this book! While I am not in the same universe as these two runners, speed- and experience-wise, their inclusion of info from other runners gives the book a very real feel for runners of every level (including a turtle like me!). I am thinking ahead, after the 10-Miler, to a half marathon, in large part because of this book--and all the great blogs, like both of yours! Thanks for stopping in!