Friday, December 30, 2011

Gearing up for a 5K!

Nice, easy 3 miles today.  Actually had a faster average time than I anticipated, thanks in large part to some new music.  Nothing like old school Sam & Dave to keep me at a good pace!

Looking forward to Sunday's New Year's Day 5K!  I have only run one other 5K (last month), and it was rather loosely organized (no bibs, chips, etc.).  Ran too fast the first mile then slowed considerably on the last (and steep) mile, so I finished at 31:47.  I would LOVE to break 30 this time, although I will be happy to just beat my prior time.  I'm supposed to have family in attendance (including dear dad & stepmom), so that will make me run all the faster!

Wishing everyone a happy new year!  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why am I doing this???

I made the mistake of complaining to someone today about how hard this morning's run turned out to be.  The response?  "So don't do it!"  My immediate, knee-jerk reaction was, "Sorry, that's just not an option."  Then I started pondering the why behind that reaction, and without getting into all my self-imposed psycho-babble baloney, I decided it was important to actually spell out why I, Lisa, must run, what this means to me, and more importantly, what I hope it will mean for the girls coming along behind me. 

In my intro I say that I was the slowest runner in middle school.  After reading that, at least one person piped up that she was the slowest, not I.  Interestingly, it didn't seem to phase that dear woman in the least that she could even be in the other-worldly dimension of slow that I inhabited.  So there must be more to this than just my distaste for being last (WAY last, by the way!).  Yes, this lack of athleticism, this failure to measure up to my peers, defined a part of me that has survived all the way to middle age.  While I have managed some success in other areas despite my sloth-like movements (yes, we fat chicks thrive on good grades and academic achievements), I was still hung up on this notion that I could not run.  I wore this "I can't run" banner as part of my daily wardrobe for so long that I still find myself looking for it, even as I don my super-duper sports bra, wicking shirt, shorts, and OESH shoes.  And I could still hear that voice saying "You can't.  You're fat.  You're uncoordinated," as I started out on the treadmill in the basement (fearing disgusted stares or rude comments from passersby). 

Now, after logging in over 200 miles just since August, that voice is down to a mere whisper, and I can usually say, "Shush, you horrid creature, I'm RUNNING!"  I'd say that by the day of the 10-Miler, I won't be able to hear her at all ... 

My other HUGE reason for running, of course, is to show by example to my dear daughters how exercise simply IS a part of one's life.  It isn't sadistic torture invented by a pscho gym teacher, it isn't punishment, it isn't merely a way to eat more chocolate (ok, maybe just a little!).  It is a way of life.  And imagine my sheer joy last week when my 10 year old, having spent a lazy, inactive day, said, "I hope we get home from the movies in time for me to jump rope.  I really feel like I need to move some more today!"  :)  

I may never overcome all of my food issues (we can't get into why I was eating Wheat Thins out of a red-rope folder all those years ago, even at one of the thinner times in my lives).  That would require serious therapy.  However, I feel SO much better now--physically and emotionally.  My husband paid me a compliment tonight and for the first time in a long time I didn't turn it away.  I just said, "Thanks, honey."  Now THAT is progress.

Sleeping IS essential!

My coach (wow--it feels great to say that!  I've waited 45 years to have a COACH!!) says that getting enough sleep is critical.  Boy, is he ever right!  I was awake as much as I slept last night, then got on the 'mill at 5:20 this morning for what can only be described as torture.  I made it through, but by 3.5 miles in, I was wiped out, and then felt sick once I finally finished all 5 miles. 

Additionally, I have come to greatly prefer my outdoor runs to the treadmill.  I do not feel safe going outside at 5:20 (thanks to Buford, the neighborhood bear), but even the hills of Central Virginia beat the monotony of staring at the basement wall.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Feeling good despite holiday eating!

I'm thinking back to all the years I succumbed to the great food that seems to appear only during the holidays, and I feel so very ... powerful?  healthy?  IN CONTROL, maybe that's the best description.  Not that I didn't enjoy all the holiday faves--from the crab and cheese ball at the office luncheon to Mom's incredible barbecue meatballs, I definitely ate more than usual. However, because I'm sticking like glue to the training program for the 10-Miler (95 days away!), I have logged some real miles lately, burning enough calories that I actually LOST weight over the past week.

The really bizarre thing, the thing that I NEVER thought would happen, is that I completely, totally enjoyed my last two runs (6.85 miles and 4.

33 miles, respectively).  Huh.  Who'd have ever imagined???