Monday, December 26, 2011

Feeling good despite holiday eating!

I'm thinking back to all the years I succumbed to the great food that seems to appear only during the holidays, and I feel so very ... powerful?  healthy?  IN CONTROL, maybe that's the best description.  Not that I didn't enjoy all the holiday faves--from the crab and cheese ball at the office luncheon to Mom's incredible barbecue meatballs, I definitely ate more than usual. However, because I'm sticking like glue to the training program for the 10-Miler (95 days away!), I have logged some real miles lately, burning enough calories that I actually LOST weight over the past week.

The really bizarre thing, the thing that I NEVER thought would happen, is that I completely, totally enjoyed my last two runs (6.85 miles and 4.

33 miles, respectively).  Huh.  Who'd have ever imagined???

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