Monday, January 16, 2012

Loving how stress-relieving running can be!

We are not exactly the most graceful family in the world.  In fact, at just about any given point in time, one of the five of us will be suffering from some sort of injury, usually unintentionally self-inflicted.  In my case, it is almost always a direct result of rushing through life at full speed ahead, despite knowing that this is not always a safe course.  Last night it was middle daughter Elaine's turn (again) to demonstrate that the klutz gene passed to her via that lovely X-chromosome I gave her.  She slipped on a throw rug at my mom's house, landing with full force on her wrist.  Initial x-ray reports do not show a fracture (thank you, Lord!), but a sprain bad enough to put her in a wrist brace and cause her considerable pain.

Now, how does running have anything to do with this?  Because had I not jumped on the 'mill this morning and gotten in four solid miles at a pace that shows improvement (if not actual speed), I probably would not have handled the whole situation nearly as calmly.  I was in blissful ignorance when I drove out to Mom's this morning, but I quickly learned of her injury, and by 10:30 it was obvious that she needed medical attention.  2 hours in the Prompt Care waiting and exam rooms (so MANY sick people in that place!  sheesh!  pass the hand sanitizer, please!) normally would have had me climbing the walls and in a serious foul humor.  Today, it rolled off of me, and I'm convinced it was the residual endorphin flow from the run.

So enjoy your run and the resulting "Shield of Calm" it provides!

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