Saturday, January 14, 2012

So psyched about today's run!

True confession:  I was completely freaked out last night and this morning about today's run.  For some reason, the idea of running 8 miles--a new distance for me--was daunting.  Top that off with 26 degree weather, and I was not my usual bouncy self leaving the house this morning.  However, as soon as I got to high school where the C10TP is held, I saw those wonderful friendly faces of people with whom I have been running for the past 3 months, and all negativity left me.  Cold?  Yeah, it was cold, but no wind (unlike yesterday's blistering gusts!), and the sun was shining brightly down upon us, enough so that by the third mile we were stripping off a layer!

I tried a gel for the first time, and that may have helped with my overall energy level.  Also had my new Nathan Quickdraw Plus Handheld 22-oz. water bottle, so no need to stop along the way for water.  I'm still getting used to the idea of carrying something, but I've heard that this is the time to try new things like the gel and the water bottle, NOT on race day!  The water bottle leaked a little, but I'm not sure I had the lid on exactly right.  I'll keep monkeying with it and decide if this is a good thing or if a belt is better (or nothing at all, and just depend on water stops).

The absolute best part of today's run was the support of the other runners.  Our little group is almost always last, but no one seems to care about that--it is all about building up the mileage incrementally, injury-free if possible.  Thanks to Robin and Dave today for all the positive vibes, and to our Program 4 Captain Betsy, who got us on some of the 10-Miler course.  What a great run!

Happy running!


  1. Knew you would hit your pace. You always do. Stop overthinking it.

  2. Don't I overthink EVERYTHING? Thanks for the support!