Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recovering, preparing to race!

Went to the doctor Friday after the sleepless, frightening night I had Thursday night.  Thankfully it was not pneumonia, just another case of bronchitis.  My dear doctor loaded me up with meds--normally I take a very minimalist approach to medication, but she and I discussed my intense desire to be as close to 100% for the Big Race on Saturday as I could possibly be, so we're being a bit more medicinally inclined than usual!

Friday night was another rough one, but last night I got a good night's sleep, so I decided to tackle 3 miles on the 'mill.  I took it veerrrrry sloooooow, and while I was pretty wiped out afterward, I definitely felt better knowing that I had gotten a little bit of movement under my belt.  My plan is to stick as close to this week's training program as possible--3 miles Monday and Wednesday, 2 on Thursday.  These will definitely be EASY miles.  I should be feeling close to normal by Saturday, and I will be ready to drain the tank!  

In looking back on the past 23 weeks, I am extremely glad that I participated in the training program.  Coach Lorenzoni is incredibly wise and helpful, and I know I would never have gotten this far without being in the program.  The down side is that I have spent so much time working toward this goal that the thought of being less than perfect on race day is a real downer.  Coach has told us over and over that the real purpose of the program is NOT the race--instead, the goal is to make running a part of our lives.  I can check that box, because it definitely has become an essential element of my existence.  However, for me, anyway, that race day run is HUGE.  

I've gotten some feedback (both on here and from running friends) that having a race to work toward is a really good idea, and I get that.  The Richmond Half Marathon in November is shaping up to be the most likely race I will tackle (although as I said in an earlier blog, I will hold off on making that decision until at least a month post-race, just to give myself the freedom of running simply to RUN).  I will not necessarily sign up for a specific training program for that race (or whichever half I choose to run), as long as I am getting in my long runs and get in some 10-12 mile long runs pre-race.  Having run 12 miles already, the distance isn't frightening any more--a huge accomplishment, in my humble opinion!  Speed work is definitely a must if I want to venture out of turtle territory (although honestly, I'm okay with being here--not everyone can be fast, right?).  Strength training also needs to be incorporated back into my life.  I have been absolutely horrible about this, and I'm filled with a certain amount of self-loathing as a result.  Pre-Anna (5 y.o.), I was regularly doing strength work and had managed to create some actual triceps in the area now housing my granny-wings.  As Anna would say, "GA-ROSS!".

I may or may not post on here again before Saturday's race.  It promises to be a busy week, and I'm not sure I would say anything except "I'M SO FREAKED OUT ABOUT THE RACE!", so if you don't see me, check back Sunday or Monday to see if I crossed the finish line.  

Happy running, and have a great week!


  1. Take it easy and take you meds and get rid of that cough missy! If this means you can get your workouts in, fine, if not, sacrifice the workouts with the goal being race day. Working when sick or hurt sucks. Trying to run 10 miles when your body is fighting you back is maybe worse.

  2. I'm taking it as easy as I know how, GrazMan! Thanks for taking such good care of me. (And SORRY about all the night time coughing.)

  3. have an awesome race lisa and feel better.

    I find I'm more consistent in running when I have a race on the horizon. But like you, running has become a part of my life - my flabby arms and belly could use a little cross-training for sure!

    1. I will probably think the same thing, Jen, once this race is over and there is nothing ahead of me. And the Richmond Half is not until November, so I may have to stick something on the schedule in between. I think I'm just a little burned out on the schedule (4 miles Monday, 5 Wednesday, 3 Thursday, long run Saturday). After following the schedule to the letter the way I have for almost 24 weeks, I want to shake things up a bit.

      My older two girls (13 and 10) looked with me at some of the blogs I follow, and when they saw your blog photos, they were amazed at the change you have undergone. So while you might see the need for cross-training, all my girls saw was a lovely, healthy woman! :)