Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Puzzled about a bruise, unhappy with my run.

It's been a tough couple of weeks at the Turtle Ranch, with GrazMan out for 8 days, then coming home from his trip with a bad gout attack.  Now youngest child is sick and has been out of school ALL WEEK with a fever, cough and congestion.  This puts added stress and worry on both hubby and me, and neither of us is getting anywhere near our requisite amount of sleep.  Add a little "ick" at work and things just aren't what I'd like them to be.

Well, my new M.O. lately when things get tough is to run it out.  Running, even on the 'mill, will most likely get my mind off of my problems long enough to start feeling that great flow of endorphins.  So tonight I got home from work (after listening to elder two squabbling on the ride from school, not pleasant!), changed into my running clothes and noticed a MASSIVE bruise on the back of my left leg.  OK, here's the scary, "Am I really getting that old?" part.  I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how or when I got the bruise.  You would think a bruise that big would have made some lasting impression even on my feeble brain, but evidently not.

(My lovely bruise.  The bizarre lines are not some weird skin issue-they're just from sitting in the desk chair!)

I got on the treadmill for tonight's scheduled 5 miles (not running outside today--80 degrees when I got home and I have not re-adjusted to warm weather running yet), and the first 2 miles went by okay.  Not great, but okay.  Somewhere during the third mile my leg (yes, that beautiful gam pictured above!) started hurting, with lines of pain running from my glutes down to my heel.  How weird is THAT?!?  I made it four miles and decided that running through the pain was not smart.

But seriously, folks, who gets a bruise this size, on the back of the thigh, without knowing how it got there?  And why would it hurt while running, when I didn't even know about it until this evening?  Is it pschyosomatic?  Is it something serious?  Or am I just becoming that old fart my kids already suspect me of being (I am, after all, a Methuselah-ish 45, you know)???  Well, that's life.  I'll either make up the extra mile or I won't, but come Saturday I need to be back up to speed because we're scheduled for TWELVE MILES, and I know RBR will not let me wimp out!

Happy (healthy) running to you all!


  1. I have a bruise slightly bigger than a quarter on the side of my thigh and no, I don't know how I did it. They come, they go.

    I would say a single one here and there is okay. If you have a lot of them, get it checked out. I also make sure I do annual physicals to get blood parameters, etc. checked out so I know I am relatively healthy. :)

    1. As a fair skinned person of mainly Irish descent, I bruise very easily, but I usually either know what I hit or it is just a small one. This thing is over 3 inches in diameter, so it got my attention! I'm keeping an eye on it. Tonight's run didn't hurt, so hopefully I'm healing!

  2. holy moly girl! What the heck? I have had a random bruise or two show up but nothing that big!

    Take care and when in doubt, check it out.

    1. We're thinking maybe the little one kicked me during the night this week--she has been fighting off a virus and has had a fever that keeps spiking in her sleep, so she may have whacked me and I was just too out of it to notice. Yeah, kind of a monster, isn't it? Can't wait until it turns that sickly yellow color. I need a tan! (Gotta buy me some tan at the store this weekend!)