Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gearing up for an 8K!

As a new runner, I have not done much racing.  I like the concept of it, and the flow of adrenalin on race day is really cool.  But because I am a novice--and such a slow one at that--the days leading up to a race are still very stressful for me.  Saturday is an 8K sponsored by one of our 2 local hospitals, and while I have seen a map of the course, I have not run it, and I am a little fearful of some of the hills.  However, there have been a lot of hills in my last two long runs, so hopefully I'm ready.  

The good news?  I'm looking forward to a break in our usual routine--and maybe a little extra pasta Thursday night!  (I know, I know, an 8K doesn't really call for much carb-loading, but I'm using this as a dry run for the Big Race--less than 24 days away now, so I'm giving myself permission!).  Even better news?  The remaining 4 members of my family will be volunteering at the 8K--Tony & youngest will be cheering from the sidelines, while Thing 1 and Thing 2 will be manning a water station.  They are all quite psyched about this, and I can't wait to run by them!  :)

Happy running!  


  1. Yay! How FUN to have your whole family there - I'm betting it will be awesome :) Can't wait to read all about this race AND your upcoming 10 miler!

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to this little "test run". The biggest thing will be starting out SLOWLY, which seems to be a big issue for me. By the way, I SOOOO appreciate your support, Jen!