Monday, February 20, 2012


Today's training program called for 4 miles, as it usually does on Mondays.  I thought I would be okay--I slept that wonderful deep sleep that comes from a certain nighttime-sniffling-sneezing-stuffy-head-fever-so-I-can-rest medicine.  But when I hit the 'mill, I hit a wall.  Don't know if it came from running later in the morning than I am used to (8 a.m. as opposed to 5:30), or maybe I still had some medicine in  my system, but I only made it through three slow, painful miles.  I felt it in my lungs this morning too so, being the rational person I am (okay, this ONCE I was rational), I decided to chop the run a mile short.  I'll either make it up later in the week or I just won't--either way I've done the smart thing.

As an aside, Old Man Winter finally showed himself yesterday.  It snowed non-stop from 3 p.m. until late in the evening (it was still coming down at 10 when I conked out).  The girls had a blast in it, and now the sun is shining down bright and warm, so the roads have not been greatly affected.  Now that's my idea of a good snow!

Happy running!


  1. That picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!! It is 65 here. I would love to see some snow like that :) Good job on cranking out the three miles. You have to listen to your body!

  2. We were all ready for spring--it was in the upper 50s Saturday. Then BOOM! That's Virginia for you.