Sunday, February 5, 2012


I had a great run yesterday--9 miles, the longest I've ever run--and I know beyond any doubt that I can complete the 10-Miler.  Robin and I both feel that our race time will be decent (for us, of course, not for speedy runners!), and it was a good feeling to run the actual race course.  We cut off a one-mile loop yesterday to keep it to nine miles, but since we have also run that loop before, we have a new-found confidence since we have now run the course we'll be running on March 31.

Unfortunately, within 30 minutes of getting home I started cramping up.  I thought this might be some sort of "runner's trots" that I'd heard about (but had never experienced).  In a few more minutes, it moved from an abdominal cramping to full-out nausea.  I was trying to get tacos ready for the family, but that had to stop--and FAST!  After spending some face-to-face time with the porcelain god, I crawled into bed and stayed there for over 10 hours.  Feeling some better today, but still not 100%.  I'm guessing that the fast-moving tummy bug that sent my 5 year old home from school Friday morning must have hit me.  Otherwise, I can't imagine how yesterday's run would have had that kind of effect on me. 

Hope you all had wonderful long runs!  Happy running!


  1. NINE miles - that is an accomplishment to be proud of!!! I'm sorry about he bug, but don't let that take away from your great run :) WAY TO GO!!! That 10 miler is in the bag.

    1. Thanks, Jen! Yes, I'm feeling ready (finally!). Now to pick up that speed just a bit ...