Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pleased with today's run!

If you read Monday's post, you know that Monday's run was really bad.  I made up for it today, thankfully!  The temperature at the end of my work day was 60 degrees with some mild wind gusts.  Thanks to dear hubby (Grazman), I had my Nathan hand-held water bottle and a pre-run energy bar (which I had inadvertently left at home this morning), so I donned my running duds and headed out.  Because of where my office is, I was able to run almost entirely on the 10-Miler route, covering just about half of it, including some of the tougher hills.  Getting those hill workouts in is really important, since so much of my training is on the treadmill.

My gear for today's run included my Bondi Band (this particular one says "Slow ... It's the new fast!"), my brand spankin' new AWESOME wicking top from weTRIsports (thanks for all your help with my selection, Sharon--the fit is PERFECT!), and of course my OESH shoes!

Here I am, just home from my run ...

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So I guess if you take the Bondi Band saying and my weTRIsports saying, I'm a slow wino!  Could be worse, huh?

Middle daughter really liked the tag on the back of my new shirt, which says ... 

Not a bad philosophy ... just one more mile.  I can do it.  Just keep running, just keep running (can anyone else hear Dori the fish?).

Anyone else just LOVE the sayings on their running gear?  Want to share?

Happy running!

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  1. Love both sayings! :) One more mile, you never know when you will hit the good mile.