Saturday, February 18, 2012

Recapping today's run

Thanks to all the great blogger advice I got on Thursday, after taking stock of my overall health this morning I decided to dose up on decongestant and advil and head out for the group run this morning.  This was an important day for us--10 miles PLUS we ran the actual course for the race (41 days away).  Having a close group of running pals really helped--especially RBR (Running Buddy Robin), who is always there with an encouraging word for me when I'm flagging a bit.  I felt increasingly good as we made it through the first half of the run, but then peaked and by 8.5 miles I was wondering how I would finish.  The last 3/4 mile has a few steep hills and I started focusing on that instead of just concentrating on getting through it.  RBR's constant support made me keep going, though, and I was glad I did.  I KNOW without a doubt that we can run this race and finish at least 5-10 minutes faster than we did today, and while that won't impress anyone other than us and our very patient, supportive families, it's enough. 

Post-run I came home and thoroughly enjoyed 2 scrambled eggs and a bagel, then got ready for a 2-hour stint with middle daughter at a Girl Scout cookie booth at our local Lowe's.  It was too hot where we were set up, and the combination of getting overheated and the decongestant wearing off gave me a whopper of a headache.  By 3:30 my head was completely stuffed up again, so my dear mother is keeping all three girls for a second night in a row (a virtually unheard of situation, since 5-year old Anna is quite a handful!), so that I can get my pj's on and get some much-needed rest, maybe catch a movie with GrazMan and doze on the couch. 

Anyway, thanks again for the advice, ladies--I made it and felt really proud of myself!  Hope you all have great runs this weekend! 


  1. Awesome!!! Glad you were able to get that run in, especially with a cold. You will feel better and will be even faster on race day...and here're hoping it will be a little cooler as well. Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Jen! This was definitely an important run. Next Saturday is interval training--definitely NOT my favorite, but I know it is something I need to work on if I am ever going to gain any real speed. Hope you have a great week!